How to make a candy cane costume?

Candy Canes at Christmas are used for many things. Some individuals have multi colored candy canes to decorate their trees with, others just eat the candy canes, and still more create gifts out of candy canes for friends and relatives. The very thought of candy canes at Christmas is what makes the candy cane costume idea one of the best. We will go the traditional route for the candy cane in a red and white stripped outfit.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red and white stripped fabric

* Brown cotton balls,

* Brown pipe cleaners

* Red shoes

* Bunting or cotton


Step 1: For our candy cane costume we are going with a reindeer gift candy cane. This means that you have the traditional candy cane shape, but you also add antlers and brown eyes to the cane. To start you will need to fashion a candy cane. To do this you can use your body. From head to foot you should be in a red and white stripped outfit. In fact you will want red gloves, shoes, and even a long sleeved shirt.

Step 2: Here is where the costume gets a little complicated. Your head is going to start the hooked progression. Therefore your head will also need to be red and white stripped. On top of the head in the same thickness you need a curved hook as a hat. This is where the bunting comes in. It will help you keep the material properly shaped. At the top of the curve is where the reindeer head will be made.

Step 3: At the curve you will need to glue the two brown cotton balls. Then you will need to create two antlers out of brown pipe cleaners and glue those on.

Now you have a Reindeer Candy Cane Gift that is life sized!

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