How to make a burger king costume?

The [url=]Burger King costume[/url] is pretty simple to create whether you have to buy the materials are not. You can purchase the mask, but make the rest of the costume so that you have the authentic face. Below we are going to describe a few steps in how to make the burger king costume.

[b]Things You Need:[/b]

– Orange robe

– White leggings

– Turtle neck

– Burger King mask


[b]Step 1:[/b] You need to purchase the Burger King face. While the rest of the costume can be created the face is something that usually cannot be replicated for a child. The mask will come with the goofy grin, beard, and crown. In fact it will all be plastic with eye slits so that you can see.

[b]Step 2:[/b] In this step you will have tight white pants or leggings, as the bottom half of the costume.

[b]Step 3:[/b] The shirt you choose to wear can be a long sleeve turtleneck of gold color. The shirt will be hidden underneath the robe.

[b]Step 4:[/b] The robe can be an elegant house coat that you have or you can make one specially for the occasion. The robe should be orange in color with a pattern. The collar should be made of white material to match the leggings in the above step.

You can choose any type of shoes that will be warm and comfortable for the costume. The other pieces of the costume should also be something suited for the weather you live in. As a costume creator you can create each part of the costume from material rather than buying the separate pieces. It will just depend on how much time you would like to spend.

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