How to make a Bob Ross costume

You know and love him as that soft-spoken artist dude with the massive ‘fro who paints “happy little trees.” Chances are, you’ve kicked back and watched “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross on a PBS affiliate. Even if you don’t paint, it’s kind of calming and relaxing to watch this zen artist at work with his oil paints, smiling gleefully as he “beats the devil out of” his brushes and offers positive reinforcement throughout the 30 minutes.

Carry that Zen over into your costuming choices and learn how to make your own Bob Ross costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Brown fro wig

* Brown goatee

* Blue button down shirt

* Jeans

* Belt

* Artist palatte

* Paint brush

* OPTIONAL: Portable easel with painting

* Brown shoes

##Putting together your Bob Ross costume##

Step 1: Put on your brown fro wig. Grab a pick to loosen up those curls and puff it up a bit.

Step 2: Put on a goatee and mustache in (Van Dyke) Brown, using spirit gum to hold it in place, if neccessary. If you want, add a bit of Titanium White to your beard for an older, more wizened sort of Bob Ross look.

Step 3: Chances are, you probably have a longsleeved blue button down dress shirt in your closet. Put it on, roll up the sleeves and tuck it into the waistband of your jeans. Add a belt and you’ve got Bob’s painterly ensemble.

Step 4: Put on a pair of shoes and carry around an artist’s palate. It can be wood or any color. Grab a few brushes.

Step 5: OPTIONAL: If you’ll be staying in one spot for a long period of time, grab a portable easel with a painting. Bob Ross favored landscape and nature portraits, so one of those would do the trick.

Step 6: Brush up on you Bob Ross Banter. Talk about trees and bushes needing friends and how “there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” Put on a big smile and just chill out like the Zen master of oil paints. It’s hard not to like Bob Ross, so chances are, you’ll be the hit of the party!

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