How to make a Blue Christmas/Elvis Claus Costume

Elvis Presley made “Blue Christmas” one of the biggest Christmas hits of all time. You’d have to be a Scrooge to not love Elvis’ heartfelt crooning, believing The King would truly have “a Blue Christmas without you.”

Inject a little Elvis into your holiday with an Elvis Claus Blue Christmas costume! With some simple items, you can take a hum-drum Santa costume and turn it into a rockin’ rollin’ Christmas King! Forget the milk and cookies! Leave out some Monte Cristo sandwiches for Elvis Claus! Thank you… Thank you very much, momma!

##Things You’ll Need##

Elvis wig

Elvis sunglasses or Aviator sunglasses


Blue Santa Suit OR Red Santa Suit

Elvis cape


– Yard of blue or red sequinned fabric, or velvet

– Short cape pattern

– Sewing machine OR needle and thread

– Several yards of silver sequin trim

– White faux fur

– Black or white boots

– Presents, particularly a “Teddy Bear”

##Putting together your Elvis Claus Blue Christmas costume##

Step 1: Pick up an Elvis wig and sideburns (if they’re not already included or attached on the wig) and some Elvis sunglasses.

Step 2: Decide what color scheme you want to go with, with either a traditional red-and-white Santa Suit or a Blue Santa suit to go with the “Blue Christmas” theme. If you already have a red Santa suit handy, you can still fix it up in a way that would do Elvis proud!

Step 3: Get a pattern from a craft store to make a short, waist-length Elvis cape out of sequinned or velvet (Get it! Velvet Elvis?!) fabric in an appropriate color to match your suit.

Step 4: Trim the cape in white faux fur along its edges.

Step 5: Use your silver sequins to spell out “Elvis Claus” on the back in either block letters or cursive script.

Step 6: Put on your black boots and a black belt. Top off your wig with a Santa hat, grab a bag of presents and get that lip curl just right in time for Christmas night!

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