How to make a Blind Mag from Repo!: The Genetic Opera costume

In the musical goth-rock opera film, Blind Mag is a formerly blind opera singer. She was gifted with a cornea transplant that allowed her to see by the massive biotech conglomerate, GeneCo. In return for restored sight, Blind Mag became an indentured servant to the mega-corporation, singing for GeneCo’s “genetic opera” as a spokesperson for the nightly showing of torture visited upon those who could not pay for their organ transplants and had to have them repossessed. The godmother of the film’s main character, Shilo, Mag has an eerie calm and stillness in the face of her retirement and the ultimate repossession of her eyes.

You can easily make your own Blind Mag costume to show off at live Repo Road Tour events or cosplay parties with these helpful hints:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Pale colored contact lenses

* Long black wig – wavy

* Long false eyelashes

* Black glitter makeup and silver glitter makeup

* Burgandy lipstick

* Black dress OR

* Long black velvet skirt

* Black corset

* Hooded goth cape

* Black boots

##Putting together your Blind Mag costume##

Step 1: Put in your pale contact lenses. Mag’s eyes are rather exaggeratedly pale. If you’ve never put in contact lenses before, get a friend to help you with putting them in.

Step 2: Begin applying your face makeup. Apply black eyeshadow with black and silver glitter over the top of it. To make it so that your glitter doesn’t flake off, use a cream base or Vaseline to make sure the glitter stays put.

Step 3:Apply your false eyelashes. You want very long, very large theatrical falsies for this look. Wait until the lash glue dries.

Step 4: Put on a coat of burgandy lipstick and add some clear gloss over the top for an “eye”-catching effect!

Step 5: Put on your long black wig. Arrange it so it’s slightly wavy.

Step 6: Put on either your long black dress or a long black velvet skirt and corset.

Step 7: Swing on your hooded cape in a plush, crushed velvet material and prepare to sing your last aria at the Genetic Opera tonight!

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