How to make a Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) Costume

Equal parts vicious and fragile, Blair Waldorf is one of the main characters on the television drama, Gossip Girl. Although most of the Gossip Girl characters are moving away from their elite, Upper East Side private school and are off to college, Blair made her style mark by adding ladylike touches to her school uniform such as frilly blouses and her ever-present headband.

You can get “Queen B’s” look and rule the school or your next costume party with a simple costume inspired by Blair’s wardrobe during her years at Constance Billiard.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long wavy brown wig

* Headband in a bright color or with a distinctive brooch or rosette attached.

* White blouse with ruffled front and collar OR collarless white blouse with ruffled neckline

* Black satin or velvet ribbon (less than half a yard)

* Metal snap closure

* Small pearl button

* Needle and thread

* Black plaid skirt

* Black or white kneesocks OR

* Red tights

* Trendy jacket or trench coat

* Ballerina flats in red, white, or black

* Cell phone

* OPTIONAL – Accessories like belts and/or handbags in coordinating colors

##Putting together your Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) Costume##

Step 1: Put on a long, brown wig in a wavy, shoulder length style.

Step 2: Put a headband on the middle of your wig, which will also help to keep it on and anchored to your head in addition to making a fashion statement!

Step 3: Blair’s blouses usually tend towards the frilly, feminine side of things while still remaining fairly conservative. Opt for a plain white collared blouse with ruffles down the front and French cuffed sleeves. If you can’t find one with ruffles, pick up a lace jabot and wear it beneath the collar of your blouse to add a little extra something to your top. Or, choose a collarless blouse which will likely have a small ruffle at the neckline or pintucking down the front as a cute detail.

Step 4: Pick up a piece of ribbon (maybe an inch wide) in black satin or velvet from a local craft or trim store. Cut the ribbon so that it has an overlap of two inches (see photo) when buttoned around your neckline.

HELPFUL HINT: If using satin ribbon, you can make sure the ends don’t fray when you cut it if you (carefully) singe the ends with a lighter. Run the flame across the end quickly and blow it out. The synthetic, satin fabric will “melt” a bit and leave you with neat, non-frayed edges.

Step 5: Sew a snap at the point where your black ribbon will overlap and keep it in place, much like the regulation neck bows worn by Blair and other Constance students. You may also want to sew a small pearl button on the outside of where this snap lays.

Step 6: Put on a black plaid skirt and tuck your shirt in.

Step 7: Put on a pair of black or white nylon kneesocks, schoolgirl style! Or, for a brighter burst of color, put on a pair of lace tights in either red, black, or bright yellow to coordinate with your choice of color headband.

Step 8: Slip on a pair of ballerina flats in either black, white, or red — contrasting with the color of your hosiery.

Step 9: Add some optional accessories like a brightly colored bag, trench coat in a bright color, or a belt.

Step 10: Make sure you have your cell phone handy! You never know when an important email gossip blast may hit delivering important details on your frenemies! xoxo

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