How to make a Black Canary (DC Comics) costume

In DC Comics, the Black Canary has been both a member of the Justice League, as well as the all-girl squad led by former Batgirl Barbara Gordon, the Birds of Prey. Blonde and with the ability to let loose with a powerful, sonic scream that has the power to shatter and destroy things. She’s often a peacemaker on any team she is on and has a romantic relationship with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blonde wig

* Black choker or thin black ribbon to wear around your neck

* Black bodysuit (Strapless)

* Black leather (or pleather) biker jacket

* Fishnet tights

* Black boots

##Putting together your Black Canary costume##

Step 1: Put on a blonde wig. If you have longer or dark hair, you may need a wig cap to better conceal your own natural hair and allow the wig to lay nicer on your head and look more convincing.

Step 2: Tie a black ribbon around your neck, or pick up a black choker in a plain style.

Step 3: Pull on a pair of fishnet pantyhose.

Step 4: Put on a black strapless bodysuit in any style of fabric, from satin, matte jersey, or even vinyl.

Step 5: Swing on a cropped or average length biker jacket.

Step 6: Team up with a bunch of girls to be your own version of the Birds of Prey, or with a guy in a Green Arrow costume for a great couple’s costume!

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