How to make a Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Bill and Ted) costume

Everyone’s nostalgic for the ’80s! Since everything old is new again, pick an unexpected, yet well-known costume for your next decade party: One half of the illustrious, time traveling duo of dudes, Bill and Ted. These two teens from San Dimas, CA traveled back in time and hung with the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as the philosopher Socrates (prounced: “So-Crates”), and a “righteous babe” named Joan of Arc.

You, too, can dress the part of a “Wyld Stallyn” with this DIY tutorial on how to make a Bill S. Preston, Esq. costume. EXCELLENT!!

##Things You’ll Need#3

* A short, blonde, curly wig. Try the Harpo wig

* Hair gel

* Grey sweatshirt

* Scissors

* Baggy jeans

* White sneakers (with red shoelaces – OPTIONAL

* Blue flannel shirt

##Dressing up as Bill S. Preston, Esq.##

Step 1: Put on your short, curly blonde wig. Grab some hair gel to tame it back a bit so it doesn’t stick out all over. This will give you the “early stages of mullet” curly hair that Bill favored.

Step 2: Grab some scissors and slice up an old grey or white sweatshirt. Cut the waist binding off so that it hits slightly above the midriff and cut off the sleeves at just above where your bicep begins.

Step 3: After you’ve carved up your sweatshirt, take the scissors to your baggy jeans and slice a hole in the knee, ’80s style! Fear not, since they’ll still be wearable, considering hole-y jeans are all the rage again now.

Step 4: Put on your midriff sweatshirt, baggy jeans, and tie a blue flannel shirt around your waist.

Step 5: Grab a pair of white Keds (or any generic, white canvas sneakers) and lace them with red laces (optional). Put ’em on over a pair of white crew socks.

Step 6: Bust out your best air-guitar moves (so you don’t look “bogus”), and head for the nearest telephone booth. Whoaaa!!

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