How to make a Betty White costume

Who doesn’t love Betty White? She played the sweet, yet dimwitted Rose Nylund on “The Golden Girls” and is a cultural icon appearing on a Snicker’s commercial. Recently, she just guest-hosted on SNL. Become the life of the party with a quick and easy Betty White costume:

##Things You’ll Need##

* White Queen Elizabeth wig – I recommend finding the one that looks like the elderly Queen Elizabeth II for the best look!

* Powder blue sweater with little animals or clouds decorating it

* Foam boobs

* Powder blue pants

* OR Printed blouse

* Matching pants or long skirt

* Light coating of granny makeup

* Magenta lipstick

* Mascara

* Snicker’s bar

##Putting together your Betty White costume##

Step 1: Pick up a white wig in an older ladies’ style. I would recommend the Queen Elizabeth II wig since it’s styled similar to Betty White’s hairstyle.

Step 2: Head to the thrift store or raid Grandma’s closet for a pastel sweater with either flowers, clouds, animals or some pattern stitched into it. Pair it with a matching pair of pastel slacks. (Yes. Slacks. Let’s keep this “old school” authentic!)

If you can’t find either, go with a printed or beaded blouse and a long, ankle length skirt.

Step 3: Before you put on your Betty White-approved ensemble, put on a pair of foam boobs to add a little granny flavor to the costume, beneath your sweater or blouse.

Step 4: Put on a pair of sneakers or low heeled shoes. Betty probably wouldn’t wear orthopedics since she’s a sassy senior, but sensible, comfortable footwear will add an authentic touch!

Step 5: Pick up an effects granny makeup kit to give yourself a few wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Don’t over-do it, though!

Step 6: Add some mascara and a bit of magenta lipstick. Apply slightly below the lip line for the appearance of a thinner mouth.

Step 7: Grab a Snickers’ bar and hit ’em with some zingers: “That’s not what your girlfriend said!”

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