How to make a Bert from Sesame Street costume

Cranky and cantankerous with a love for collecting paperclips, reading his favorite book “Boring Stories,” and doing his favorite dance, The Pigeon, Bert is the easily irritated half of Sesame Street’s favorite odd couple, Bert and Ernie. The two pals have been delighting children of all ages for nearly 40 years, showing the value of friendship and being able to stay friends even though you’re completely different puppets… err… people.

##Things You’ll Need##

* White turtleneck

* Vertical striped v-neck shirt (in green, red, and yellow)

* Green pants (corduroy or other)

* yellow cream makeup

* white cream makeup (optional)

* small red clown nose (rubber or foam}

* orange acrylic paint (optional)

* black eyeliner/eyebrow pencil or fake unibrow

* yellow funnel or funnel in any color and yellow spraypaint.

* a strip of yellow elastic (or white, colored in with yellow fabric marker)

* A short black wig

* scissors

* Adhesive (Superglue or hot glue)

* yellow gloves gloves

* Paper clips

* book

* Craft paper

* Magic marker

##Putting together your Bert from Sesame Street costume##

Step 1: Get dressed up in your Bert costume. Layer the white ribbed turtleneck underneath your striped shirt. Leave them untucked over your jeans or pants.

Step 2: Start applying your yellow cream makeup to your face. If you want, leave room around your eyes to apply white makeup to simulate Bert’s googly eyes.

Step 3: Take your black eyeliner/eyebrow pencil and fill in your eyebrows with it, connecting them in the middle to form Bert’s unibrow.

Step 4: Put on your small clown nose, similar to Bert’s orange nose. If you’d like, you can paint the nose orange beforehand with acrylic paints.

Step 5: Grab a yellow funnel (can be found in mostly any drugstore or car part store) or spraypaint any color funnel yellow. This will be the top of Bert’s pointed head.

Step 6: Adhere a strip of yellow elastic to hold the funnel hat in place under your chin. If you can only find white elastic, color it in with a yellow fabric pen so it blends with your makeup. Use superglue or hot glue to hold the elastic in place.

Step 6: Glue a tuft of black hair cut from your wig on top of the funnel for Bert’s shock of hair.

Step 7: Put on a pair of yellow gloves.

Step 8: Make some fun accessories for your Bert costume and string together some paperclips, or make a book cover from craft paper and slip it over your own reading material. Write “Boring Stories” in script on the cover and get ready for Ernie to pester you!

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