How to make a Bellboy costume?

Bellboys are a nice change of pass to have for a costume. While we may not use bellboys that much anymore, they do have a long history in hotels. This year if you are looking for something a bit different you might want to try our suggestion for how to create a bellboy.

##Things You Need:##

* Black dress pants

* Black dress shoes

* White dress shirt

* Black bellboy jacket

* Round hat

* White or black gloves


You can find some of the items you need for the costume right in your own closet. For example you probably already have black dress pants, shirt, and the shoes. So what you need to really complete the costume will be the items you either need to make or find.

The main part of the bellboy costume is the jacket. The jacket is normally waist length, with gold buttons. You will usually find the jacket of a bellboy is like an usher in a theater. The jacket will be buttoned all the way to the neck in most cases, with two sets of buttons. Then on the shoulders are the red or other color shoulder patches. They usually contain fringe. The sleeves will be long and end with cuffs. Typically you have a gold or other line around the cuffs.

Once you find the right jacket all that is left is the hat. The hat needs to be completely round and sit on top of the head. You can have a black hat or red as some costumes are. After the hat is in place you will need gloves. The gloves should match the rest of the outfit, but you can also use white gloves if you have to.

For fun you may want accessories such as a suitcase as part of your bellboy duties.

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