How to make a Beetlejuice costume?

Beetlejuice is the ghost that just keeps on making trouble in the movie. If you want to be a trouble maker this Halloween you might want to make your own. We realize that not everyone wants to buy a Beetlejuice costume, so we have a few helpful hints on how to make Beetlejuice below.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* White and black striped material (vertical striping)

* White dress shirt

* Black tie

* White wig

* Black shoes

* Theatre paint


Step one: The main part of the Beetlejuice costume is the suit. In the movie Beetlejuice always has on a white and black striped two piece suit. The stripes are vertical rather than horizontal. If you can find the suit pre-made for a great deal that will be great; otherwise you are going to have to make the suit. There are patterns available for how to make a suit jacket and pants at most any store. You just need to buy the material and get ready.

Step Two: Now that the suit has been made or bought you can start with the rest of the costume. Beettlejuice had a white dress shirt on underneath the jacket complete with a black tie. Then the suit jacket goes over it.

The shoes should be black to go with the motif. Any black shoe that is comfortable will do. You can have boots, tennis shoes, or anything.

The hair is another Beetlejuice staple that should not be missed. In this step you need to secure a white wig over your own hair. The wig should be a little crazy or wild looking, perhaps even with a few color highlights to add to the look.

Step Three: In the final step you need to make the Beetlejuice face. In the movie the face was painted with a white base. Then rings around the eyes were added to make the ghost look severely dead and pale. You can add other touches around the mouth if you wish, but it is not necessary.

The Beetlejuice costume is fairly easy to make even from material up to the complete costume. Just remember the hands should also be a white or greyish color, so adding gloves to the outfit can help with that rather than using paint. Beetlejuice is after all a ghost that comes back to haunt people.

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