How to make a Beauty and the Beast Costume?

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular fairy tales. If you want to be a part of the fairy tale this year, but don’t want to purchase a costume then keep reading. We have instructions below on how to make your own. We will concentrate on Belle.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* – Yellow Dress

* – Yellow slipper shoes or yellow pumps

* – White clothes

* – Gold crown

* – Locket

* – Brown wig or brown hair


We are going to create Belle from the formal seen after Beast gives her the library in the film.

Step 1: The main part of this costume is the yellow or golden dress. The dress should be a ballgown; however if you don’t have one you can use any elegant yellow dress you can find, already have, or wish to make. The dress should be an off the shoulder design with a moderate scooped neck. It should also reach just above the ankles. If, you can find white lace to place on the hem of the dress that would be good.

Step 2: The hair is very elaborately styled in the movie. If you can find a brown wig that has that style or make your own hair in to the style you will create a true effect. In the movie where was just a small tail of brown hair to go over the shoulder the rest was smoothed out and styled on top of the head around the crown. The crown is essential to the costume as well and needs to be placed in the hair.

Step 3: The shoes should be little slippers that are yellow, but if you can’t find that style of dress shoe yellow pumps will work just as well. The shoes should be as close in color as you can manage. To complete the outfit you will need white gloves to the elbows and a locket or gold chain around your neck.

For those who will be outside during Halloween in cold weather a yellow or blue cloak can be added for warmth and to keep within the right period for the costume.

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