How to make a 80’s rock costume

80’s Rock costumes will take you back to the Heavy Metal Bands with electric guitars, wild hair styles and torn jeans. Instead of buying a costume this year for the 80’s Rock theme see what you might have in your closet. Chances are your closet has enough of the right clothing style to make the 80’s Rock come alive.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* – Fake or real Guitar

* – Punk Rock Wig

* – Torn Jeans

* – Tee Shirt

* – Leather Vest

* – Makeup

* – Boots


There are plenty of 80’s Rockers to choose from whether you wish to be David Bowie or one of the KISS members. The point is you have to have a certain style to make yourself into the 80’s Rock whether you are male or female. Most of the bands had long hair with outrageous hair styles. If you have the long hair you’ll just need a little hairspray and perhaps some green or pink highlights. The top of the hair is normally cut short to style in a wacky mess. Big hair was extremely popular so you can’t do without either a wig or your own hair styled appropriately.

The hair is the most important, next to the outfit. The outfit can be all leather or jeans with plenty of leather in the vest and boots. The jeans should be cut in various places along the knees, thighs, and the rear pockets. The holey look was definitely in and needed for the costume. You can either go with a tee shirt that is just as holey or not have a shirt at all. Some of the band members would show up with no shirt or a leather vest as the only top covering. By choosing the rocker you want to pattern yourself after you can choose the appropriate wear. Again any tight pants and shirt in your closet with an 80’s bent will work. Most of the band members had either knee high or biker style black boots to add to the look.

The guitar will be the last accessories to add to the 80’s Rock picture.

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