How to Make a 300 Costume

The 300 takes us back to the Spartan age where war for land was very important to survival. Your children may see the 300 characters as heroes in the time of hardship. If you are not inclined to buy a costume making one of the 300 costumes is relatively simple if you follow the below instructions.

[b]Things You Will Need:[/b]

– Tin foil

– Thin metal

– Colored sheet

– Rope or Broach

– Carpet

– Cardboard


[b]Step 1:[/b] The main part of the 300 costume for Spartans is the toga. The toga can be formed with a regular bed sheet. You may need to cut the sheet to modify for a child. The sheet can be angle length or knee length. If you would like the Spartan King a loin cloth costume with cape can also be made from the sheet. The Spartan costumes are red. To get the red you can either buy the correct color material or use an old white sheet and some dye. The toga does not need to be sewn. The rope either standard twine or a gold like rope can be used. The rope will tie the sheet in place. A broach can also serve the same purpose.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The Spartans carried swords, daggers, and shields. The tin foil can be used to fashion these items. Cheap plastic swords and shields can also be found in toy stores. The swords should have a fairly elaborate handle. Cardboard can be used to offer stability to the blade of the sword and shield.

[b]Step 3:[/b] Using thin metal or tin foil you will need to fashion a helmet. The Spartan helmet usually covered the head to the neck in the back, the ears and cheeks, and then down the forehead and nose. If you are handy with thin metal this is the best material. To top the helmet the carpet or similar material can offer the top piece.

[b]Step 4:[/b] The last step are the shoes. If you would like to have period shoes than thin sandals with rope straps up the legs is appropriate. Otherwise tennis shoes or other warm shoes can be worn and hidden beneath the toga.

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