How To Look Like a Rockstar Without Spending Money

Step 1: First you need to start with something simple like a pair of jeans. Get a razor and cut holes into the knee area.

Step 2: Get a plain white t shirt and some markers. Gert many different colors and write something with different colors. Write something dynamic like “Physchoctic” or “Exotic”. Or you can get a black and white shirt that goes sideways not up and down.

Step 3: Either you can get a glove or bracelet. The glove can be any winter gloves with half the fingers cut. Or you can used safety pins and connect them to form a chain bracelet.

Step 4: You can paint your nails black (girls or guys).

Step 5: Eye makeup would go fine. Choose a dark color like black or red.

Step 6: Your hair can be curly or down and straight. Or you can have a bandana on your head with the rest down. If you have color in products used bright colors as streaks.

Step 7: Lastly for your shoes wear skate shoes, black boots or converse.

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