How To Dress Up As John Smith

Although he is not technically associated with Thanksgiving; rather, he helped establish the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607, John Smith is still a reminder of the hardy courageous people who helped settle what we now know as the United States. If you or your child needs a John Smith costume, you can easily make one.


Light-blue long-sleeve man’s shirt (think “_ìbaby blue”¬ù), at least a size larger than would normally be worn, with pointed collar

Two long-sleeve blue shirts that are slightly darker than the “_ìbaby blue”¬ù one. They must be identical.

Dark blue or navy-blue pants in a heavy wool material

Black boots


1. Take the TWO blue shirts and lay them out flat. Button all the buttons so that they will be easier to work with.

2. Cut the collars off both shirts. Trim the edges so that you have a smooth, rather oval shape.

3. Measure the sleeves on ONE of the shirts, starting at the shoulder seam, and going down until you reach the 2″¬ù mark. Mark this spot, then cut off the remainder of the sleeves to that point.

4. Starting at the point where you cut the remainder of the sleeves off, cut ONLY the FRONT of the shirt completely off. When you are finished, you should have ONLY the back of the shirt and the sleeves remaining.

5. Cut the sleeves completely off of the second shirt, then do the same thing to the FRONT of the shirt as you did with the first shirt. You are wanting to end up with simply the back of the shirt left on THIS piece.

6. Join the cut pieces together, using fabric glue. You should now have a garment that resembles a vest with very short sleeves.

7. Cut the bottom of the vest so that it is rounded at the sides and slightly shorter than the front and back. Cut the middle of the front and back to a downward-facing point.

8. To wear the costume, slip on the baby-blue shirt first and roll the sleeves up to midway between the wrist and elbow. Make sure you make a very wide cuff when doing this.

9. Slip the vest on over the blue shirt.

10. Put on the pants and black boots.

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