How To Dress Up As An Indian Child

At Thanksgiving, we remember that it was the Native Americans/First Nations people that showed the Pilgrims how to survive in the New World. Like the Pilgrims, they, too, had children.

If you want to help your child experience some of the history surrounding Thanksgiving, you can make a simple Indian Child costume. You may even need one for a school pageant or play. They are simple to make, requiring only a few materials.


* Enough tan, light-brown, or brown fabric to cover your child’s body. The length is your preference, but should be no shorter than knee-length. Microfiber suede or faux-suede will be perfect.

* Safety pins; fabric glue

* Single-hole punch sturdy enough to punch through the fabric.

* Brown leather shoelaces

* Small wooden beads

* White ballet slippers


1. Take the fabric and cut a hole in the middle large enough for your child’s head to go through. You can make the hole perfectly round or slightly oval for a “_ìscoop-neck”¬ù appearance.

2. Using the safety pins, fasten the fabric under the child’s arms (you want the costume to be sleeveless). Also fasten it in a few places at the middle of the costume so that it be easier to measure the hem.

3. Now, measure how long you want the costume to be. Mark that with a safety pin.

4. Remove the fabric from your child, and starting at the bottom of the arm holes, punch holes at regular intervals. Don’t space them too far apart or your child’s skin will show through. If you need to, use more safety pins to hold the fabric

together while you are punching. Stop punching holes about 1″¬ù to 2″¬ù before where you have marked the length.

5. Take the leather shoelaces. Starting at the top hole, thread the shoelaces through the holes. You can make the threading pattern straight or you can allow the laces to wrap around the sides of the costume. It’s up to you. If the shoelaces are not long enough for the entire threading process, simply tie, pin, or glue two shoelaces together and continue threading. When you have reached the bottom holes, simply tie the lace into a knot on the

a. If you have the desire and the patience, you can string the wooden beads through the laces as you lace up the costume.

6. If you wish, you can cut long or short fringes in the hem of the costume, and string the wooden beads on the fringe.

7. Use the remaining brown fabric to cover the ballet shoes. Simply cut it to fit the shoe and glue it on.

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