How to do Makeup for an Iracebeth the Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland)

Iracebeth is the villainous Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. Yet, in between temper tantrums and using cute, fuzzy animals as ottomans, somehow, this recalcitrant regent finds the time to do an elaborate makeup job. Here’s how you can get the look for your own Iracebeth costume of your own creation:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Red Queen headpiece with attached crown

* OPTIONAL – Bald cap

* Large glue stick OR spirit gum

* Makeup sponges

* Pale foundation

* White cream makeup

* Translucent setting powder

* High pigment blue eyeshadow OR

* Blue Cream makeup

* Mascara OR

* False eyelashes

* Red lipstick

* Red lip pencil

* Brown eyebrow pencil

##Putting together your Makeup for an Iracebeth the Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland) costume##

Step 1: Wash your face to get any additional oil or residue off of it.

Step 2: Since the Red Queen has a very high forehead and pushed-back hairline (similar to Queen Elizabeth I, you may wish to put on a bald cap before you do your makeup and put your wig on so that your foundation will match.

Step 3: Grab your large glue stick and slick it several times over your eyebrows in the direction of growth. You can also use spirit gum to slick them down, too. Your eyebrows will look really weird, but will lay flat against your head. Wait for the glue to dry and do a few more passes to get them nice and flat.

Step 4: Now you’re ready for your foundation! Blend the pale foundation with a little bit of white cream makeup. You don’t want too much in there, but just enough for an otherworldly, alabaster skin tone that’s still humanly possible. Once you’ve blended it, use your makeup sponge to spread the foundation evenly over your face, neck, and any skin that may be exposed with your gown’s neckline. A little goes a long way and you want to use thin coats so it looks realistic and not gloppy. Don’t forget that if you’re wearing a bald cap, you will want to spread the makeup over that, too to make it match. You can do more than one thin coat if you wish until you get the skin color you want.

Step 5: Once your foundation is on, give it a few minutes to settle. Then, add a little bit of translucent setting powder and dust it over your face, neck, and chest. Especially over your eyebrows to make them more “invisible.”

Step 6: Next, get your Brown Eyeliner Pencil and use the photo as a guide to draw on super-thin, super high arched eyebrows. You can dot them on in the shape you like, then “connect the dots” so you have a more sure-handed finish than a fast swoop that could undo all of that hard foundation work.

Step 7: Take your Blue Eyeshadow or Blue Cream Makeup to add some color to your oversized lids, filling it in with a light layer all the way up to your drawn-on “brows.”

**Step 8: ** Add mascara to your top and bottom lashes. You may also want to follow up by carefully applying False Eyelashes over the top of them. (HINT: You can make your life much easier by using Tweezers to help you apply the fake lashes, too!)

**Step 9: ** The Queen’s mouth, even though it’s in a constant state of “screaming,” is actually very small and dainty, drawn into a “heart-shaped” Cupid’s Bow sort of lip. Make sure that when you’re doing your foundation, you also cover your lips with the pale mixture to make the “Cupid’s Bow” stand out more. Use your Red lip pencil to draw a “heart” on your mouth, using the points of your upper lip as the curves of the heart and ending in a tiny point at the bottom of your lower lip. You can fill in with your lip pencil, then use a bright, cherry red lipstick to go over it, applying with a lip brush. (It lasts much longer and doesn’t “rub off” as fast if you use a lip brush to apply, rather than just straight from the tube.)

Step 9: Grab your brown Eye Pencil again and make a small “beauty mark” under your left eye.

Step 10: Put your wig on over your bald cap and get ready to rule Wonderland with an iron fist!

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