How to Create Yamcha (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

Yamcha from Dragonball cartoons is a character who will appear in the Dragonball Evolution movie being released in 2009. Dragonball since it first began its run on Cartoon Network has been one of the most popular anime. The fact that it is coming to a live action film only increases the excitement some of us will feel. Yachma is a reformed bad guy now fighting on the side of the Z’s in the anime. We will give you a few hints as to how to make a Yamcha costume that will wow your next costume party attendees.

Materials Needed:

“¬¢Orange pants

“¬¢Orange tank top

“¬¢Black wig

“¬¢Arm bands

“¬¢Ninja shoes


1.Creating Yamcha can be as easy or as difficult as

you would like to make it. If you are handy with a sewing machine you might consider purchasing orange or red material from or They will also sell patterns to help you with the costume.

2.We are going with a simple method of creating the costume by having you find the materials listed above. Orange clothing can be found at a number of discount stores such as a thrift store or Wal-mart.

3.The orange pants should be knit or cotton, in the traditional anime style.

4.The shirt should be of the same color and material. However the shirt is going to be rather revealing. It needs to have a long V-neck, showing most of the upper chest, with no sleeves.

5.To finish this portion of the outfit a belt in either blue or gray will work. The belt should match the wrist bands.

6.The next thing to look for or make would be the ninja style socks. These are thin shoes, that provide more grip and a softer walk.

7.The last step is the hair. Yamcha’s hair is a bit wild, and will sometimes be shown standing straight up. If you have black hair you will not need a wig, but some gel to get it styled correctly.

By following these steps you will have the perfect Yamcha costume for your next costume party!

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