How To Create ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Character Costumes

The timeless children’s series is back in theaters this year with five of the original stories! This surely means that Winnie The Pooh costumes will be popular, with children and adults of all ages. Whichever lovable character you love best, you can create the perfect DIY costume with a little time and creativity.


Start with a blue-grey sweatsuit, or sweatshirt and sweatpants. Cut blue-grey felt ears, cut smaller pieces of pink felt for the inner ears and attach ears to the sweatshirt’s hood with glue or needle and thread. Glue on a long stripe of black fur down the middle of the back of the costume for Eeyore’s mane. Cut another piece of felt for the tail, attaching some black fur at the end, and tie a pink ribbon around it. Attach the tail to the seat of the pants using velcro or glue. Wear white socks on the hands and feet. Using face paint, paint the upper-half of your face blue-grey, and the bottom-half (from the nose down) solid grey.


Use pink footed pajamas, or a pink sweatsuit for the body. Cover a curled piece of wire with pink fabric or ribbon. Bend the wire around a belt buckle and wear the belt backward for the tail. Purchase a pig’s ears and nose set from a costume retailer.

Pooh Bear

Buy a yellow sweat suit with a hood. Cut some pieces of yellow felt in the shape of circles for ears, and attach to the hood with glue or a needle and thread. Put on a red t-shirt over the yellow jumpsuit, and add yellow socks for Pooh’s feet. Paint your face yellow and draw on Winnie The Pooh’s nose and eyebrows using black makeup or face paint. Slip yellow socks on your hands.


Start with an orange sweatsuit or footed pajamas, and lay it flat on a flat surface. Draw tiger stripes using a permanent marker on both sides. Take a knee-high sock you don’t mind throwing away, and draw stripes on it, too. Stuff it with cotton stuffing until it resembles a tiger’s tail, and close it off with a rubber band. Safety pin the tail in place on the sweatpants’ waistband. Cute the ears out of orange felt, and glue or sew onto an orange hat. Paint a black triangle on your nose, and orange and black stripes from the center of your face.

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