How to Create The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

“_ìWho Ya Gonna Call”¬ù to your costume party? Ghostbusters may have been a huge hit in the 1980’s with the release of the first movie. There was also a television show based on the characters. All of this has long since gone from the mainstream. Most of us born in the 80’s remember the great movie, and may even own it. However, it is making a comeback. The Ghostbusters have a new video game coming out for the PS2. The game will be released on June 16, 2009. This is the 25th anniversary of the movie, which is one reason the game is being released. The game has been written by writers Harold Ramis and Dan Aykoryd. In honor of the new game we are going to create our own version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

##Materials Needed:##

* 5 White sheet

* Cotton batting

* Stiff wire

* Sailors Shirt

* Sailor hat

* Paper Mache materials


There are a couple of ways you can make the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. We have elected to go with a cheaper option by using materials you might have around the house.

Step 1: There are going to be six pieces to your Marshmallow Man. The first step is creating the body. You need to sew the white sheet so that you have a hole for the neck, and arm holes.

Step 2: The next 2 white sheets need to be formed into the legs. For this you will need to use the wire. You will need three separate sections for the legs. The feet will need to be filled with bunting to look round, then another round spot before you hit the knee. The next spot is above the knee. Use the sewing machine and wire to get the rounded spots, and to ensure the bunting will stay in place.

Step 3: Next are the arms. You will need white oversized gloves for the hands. Then there are two sections for the arms. Two white sheets will be used here along with wire to get the right form.

Step 4: The head will take you the longest to create. You will be using Paper Mache. Blow up a balloon, cover it in newspaper Paper Mache, and then let it dry. Once it has dried, you can cut a hole the size of your head. It will be a hood in other words. You will need a very large balloon for this. Next cut out the eyes, and the mouth, as well as puncture a place for your nose to breathe. Once this is done you can paint the head pure white. After the paint dries glue on the sailor hat, at an angle.

Step 5: Now that the head is complete you can start to get dressed. Put the main body on first, stuff it with bunting, and then seal the costume tight around the legs. Once the main body is on you can then dress in the extra, extra large sailor shirt.

Step 6: Now all you need is your legs, arms, and to put on your Marshmallow Man Head.

Look out for the Ghostbusters as they try to defeat your Marshmellowy form!!!

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