How to Create the Queen of Hearts Costume

We have seen Helen Bonham Carter in a number of roles where wicked gets a new name, so she will certainly do the Queen of Hearts justice in the latest version of “_ìAlice in Wonderland”¬ù. She is uniquely qualified to add the vivacious and mean- spirited qualities needed to play the part.

If you want to try your hand at being the Queen of Hearts for Halloween or the next costume party you might want to create a costume similar to the 2010 Tim Burton film. Like all characters in the film the Queen of Hearts gets a makeover.

##Materials Needed:##


19th Century Dress pattern

Gold fabric

Red fabric

Blue fabric

White fabric


Red Wig

Stage Makeup

Black boots


Fake jewelry

Red and White fake jewels


Sometimes the most fun is creating your own costume, even when you are not on a budget. If you want something spectacular for the Queen of Hearts consider the instructions below.

Step 1: To begin visit or These two websites sell fabric and patterns. Michael’s is an arts and crafts that can also help you out. The pattern you purchase will help you make the dress and shirt you will need for the costume,

Step 2: Underneath the corset you will want an 18th century blouse. This blouse should be made with the blue and white fabric. The white fabric is for the high white collar, and the blue material should be turned into puff sleeves with an open design from the bust to the throat.

Step 3: You will wear the corset over the shirt, so you will want to purchase one that has the same gold and red as the fabric you are using for the skirt portion of the dress. You can also just make the corset as part of the overall dress. It is up to you and the skill you possess.

The skirt of the dress needs to have wide hips by using a hoop design to form the skirt over. One the arms of the blue shirt you will need the gold and red dress material.

Step 4: Attach the red and white individual fake jewel stones to the front of the corset in a heart-shaped pattern. You can have several hearts or just one. This is up to you, depending on the number of jewel stones you were able to find.

Step 5: Once the dress is complete, you can begin to work on the face and head of the costume. For your face, you should take a white base makeup and cover your entire face, eyelids and mouth. Over the white draw fake eyebrows, and use blue eye shadow to highlight the eyes. On the mouth draw a red heart, then color it in.

Step 6: Cover your own hair with the red wig, preferably a wig that has an 19th century hair style to it.

Step 7: On top of the wig place the gold crown. You can make this crown with gold fabric or purchase one ready-made. It should have heart jewels on it.

Step 8: To finish the costume, add some fake gold rings, a gold sceptre with a heart shaped crown on the top, and black 19th century boots.

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