How to Create The Grudge 3 Costume

For those who love horror movies and don’t mind repeats the Grudge 3 will be coming directly out on DVD in May. The first film starred Sarah Michelle Gellar a young woman in Japan who must battle a dead girl. We think she has ended the curse, but find out at the very end she has not. In Grudge 2 the plot thickens as an American family is now being tortured. As film three begins Kayako is still on the killing spree, but now her sister has come to stop the girl from killing. Kayako is the Grudge! If you want a scary costume consider the Grudge 3 for your next costume party.

##Materials Needed:##

* White dress

* black wig

* Fake blood

* White makeup or zombie suit


The costume is relatively simple, but you will still need to find the right materials to pull it off.

Step 1: The Grudge 3 is a dead girl, by definition this makes her a bit of a zombie. You can find a suit that gives you the pale dead skin or you can use white makeup to dampen the pigmentation. This should be done before donning the rest of the costume.

Step 2: The dress you need to find is going to be white with spaghetti straps. It should hang very loosely on your skin, as if it used to fit, but no longer does.

Step 3: Before you place the black wig over your head it should be dosed in fake blood. The fake blood needs to be seen, but not wet enough to leak over the rest of the costume.

Step 4: The wig can now be put in place. You are ready to target individuals for the “_ìkill”¬ù as the Grudge 3 at your next costume party!

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