How to Create The Comedian (Watchmen)

This year Watchmen is being released as a full length feature film. For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of Watchmen it is a DC Comic from the 1980’s. The Comedian is one of the main characters from the film, which will make a great costume for a costume party. Each year we see trends come and go- this year Watchmen will be among the most popular costumes at these parties. We have information on how to create your own Watchmen costume if you do not like any sold in stores or prefer your own rendition of the Comedian.

Materials Needed:

“¬¢Blue Jeans

“¬¢Black tank top

“¬¢Weapon Harness

“¬¢Shoulder armor

“¬¢Black combat boots

“¬¢Wig with red hair and graying at the temples


1.The Comedian is a large fellow, so you may need to pick up some fake muscle material for the arms. If you just want to use your natural physique start with finding the materials listed above.

2.With a combination of the black tank top and blue jeans you can start to add the accessories.

3.You will need to have some type of suspenders or weapon harness. Attached to the weapon harness you will need a right position armor. The shoulder armor should be silver material. It can be made with tin foil or out of cardboard with paint. Basically it should fit over the shoulder, and just below and above that area. It will need to be rounded.

4.The combat boots are easy to find at places like Army Surplus or Thrift Shops. They need to come up to mid calf to be most appropriate.

5.Adding the red and gray wig will also help to get the right look.

6.Lastly consider adding a blue or black belt, and blue gloves. The gloves should be fingerless like truck driver’s gloves.

By following these steps you will instantly turn yourself into the Comedian from Watchmen. There are other choices such as Rorschach or Silk Spectre to choose from as well.

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