How to Create Teddy Roosevelt (Night at the Museum) Costume

Teddy Roosevelt is one of our presidents, thus an important person to our history. Being such an important aspect the creators of Night at the Museum decided to use him in the film. He will now reappear in the Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. If you are looking for a great costume idea, for welcoming the new movie or costume party consider our how to below. Teddy Roosevelt will be played by Robin Williams again in the new film.

##Materials Needed:##

* Jodpurs

* Military uniform coat

* Soft cowboy hat

* Riding boots

* Fake horse

* sword


In the film Teddy is usually on a horse, thus you will need a riding outfit to create your own look.

Step 1: The first thing you must find are riding boots or Jodpurs as they are called. These pants need to be tan material. They should be slightly formfitting, but comfortable. You could also make your own Jodpurs by purchasing material if you wish, from

Step 2: The Military uniform coat will need to fit the time period Teddy is from. He was president during 1901 to 1908. It should be tan to match the pants with the appropriate medals.

Step 3: The cowboy hat should be a soft material so that one side can be bent up in the way it is in the movie. In fact you might want to refresh your memory by watching the first one for tips on what you need.

Step 4: The riding boots should be brown and knee high.

Step 5: A fake horse or costume horse to ride along with you will help complete the costume.

Step 6: A military sword or fake military sword will need to be part of the costume.

You may also want to add a fake mustache, and rounded spectacles to finish the Teddy Roosevelt look from Night at the Smithsonian Battle for the Smithsonian.

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