How to Create Speckles (G-Force) Costume

Speckles from G- Force is a mole. G-Force is a new animated film in 3D coming out in July. Aptly Speckles is the computer tech providing security codes and other assistance to the G- Force Agents. As a mole Speckles is unlike the other G- Force clan because they are Guinea Pigs.

##Materials Needed##

Brown plush fabric

Long nails

Black goggles


Other technological accessories


Step 1: To begin the Speckles costume you need fabric and a pattern. or are two places which provide some choices for you. You will want to get a plush fabric in brown that helps you make a costume akin to mole fur. The pattern will also need to be for a mole if you can find one. A mole has a longer nose and nails than a guinea pig.

Step 2: Once you have the fabric and pattern you can make the costume. You will want to have a jumpsuit for the body complete with hands and feet. For the head you will need to make a hood with a long nose, eyes, and ears. The pattern should be able to help you in this inception.

Step 3: While making the costume do not forget to sew on the fake nails for the hands.

Step 4: Now that the costume is mostly complete you can begin to add the accessories. First the black goggles should sit over the mole’s eyes.

Step 5:You have two choices for the laptop computer. You can purchase a fake toy or you can carry around your own. You will just need it as an accessory and not to use, so it could be protected in a bag.

Step 6: Information is Speckles main goal. You would also want to have other technological accessories which would fit within communications and information gathering.

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