How to Create Silver Fox (X Men Origins Wolverine) Costume

X-Men provide many costumes for Halloween and parties. The concept about mutants trying to survive in a homo sapien world is entertaining. This year with the release of X Men Origins Wolverine a new character will grace the screen. Silver Fox is a mutant with artificial healing and age suppressant capabilities. She is a lot like Logan in that respect. Like Logan or Wolverine she finds herself in the weapon X program. If you are looking for the perfect costume to welcome the new movie coming out in May 2009 consider Silver Fox.

Materials Needed:

Green cloak

Green and yellow bathing suit

Yellow gloves

Knee high black boots

Black wig


Silver Fox is a native Canadian Blackfoot. Her skin will be a little darker and she will have black hair.

Step 1: If you do not already have dark hair you will want to purchase a wig. The wig should provide wavy long hair.

Step 2: The main part of the costume is a body suit, which is quite revealing. You have a couple of options you can find a green bathing suit with two parallel yellow stripes and wear it or you can make a different style costume. If you want to make the costume you will want to get nude fabric for the arms and legs to attach to the bathing suit. This will keep you warmer.

Step 3: Once you have the main part of the costume you need to find or make a green cloak. The cloak needs to have a wide hood which will help hide your face.

Step 4: Yellow gloves are needed to cover the hands.

Step 5: The last thing you will need are a pair of knee high boots. If you can’t find the right boots at a thrift store consider buying ankle high boots and sewing on some black fabric to make the rest of the boot.

A weapon as an accessory can be very helpful to completing the costume if you wish. Silver Fox is then ready to go to the costume party.

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