How to Create Russian Nesting Doll Costumes

Russian Nesting Dolls continually fascinate us because they are beautifully hand crafted gift items. They are meant to resemble dolls with faces, hair and bodies painted on wood or other materials. They have a rounded shape, even on the bottom, which allows them to rock a little. If you are looking for a family costume, consider dressing up as Russian Nesting Dolls. Each costume can be a different look, but it has to be based on a series as the nesting dolls are meant to be a family of dolls one inside each other. Therefore, dad, mother, and children make up the dolls as a costume.


* Hooped skirts

* Make-up

* Wigs

* Fabric


Step 1: You will first need to decide what kind of nesting dolls you want to be. You’ll have to look through fabric at online sites like Joann Fabrics or Michaels. The fabric can offer you a theme in order to make each nesting doll. You could also use a popular movie as a theme. For example, think Star Wars where one person is Hans Solo, Princess Leia, and Ewok, or other characters. Pirates of the Caribbean or other options can also be used from movies. The point is to have a family of sorts.

Step 2: Once you decide on the theme get the hooped skirts to create the rounded shape of the nesting dolls.

Step 3: Over the hoops you will place the fabric or costume you are using as your theme.

Step 4: The makeup needs to be used on your face for rounded pink cheeks and doll like makeup.

Step 5: The wigs are to create doll like hair to go with the nesting doll look. You can forego the wigs if you desire, though for your costume you might need a specific wig anyway if you choose a movie theme.

Typically, with nesting dolls there is the doll body and face, then you have the theme painted on the body. You could choose fabric to make the painted on look with your costume theme. For example, fabric with miniature Pirates of the Caribbean characters can be the way to go rather than a costume over the hooped body you create. As a DIY idea you have the license to create whatever you desire for the nesting dolls theme- even a typical Russian look as those above.

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