How to Create Mr. Potato Head Costume

Mr. Potato Head has quite a long and distinguished history starting in 1952. At one time Mr. Potato Head had an entire family, which has dwindled to Mrs. Potato Head. If you are looking for a great couple’s costume or just want to be your favorite toy from growing up then you are in the right place. We have a costume idea for how to create the right Mr. Potato look for the upcoming Halloween season.

##Materials Needed:##

* Orange Brown Fabric

* Black Shoes

* White Gloves

* Vampire Fangs

* Bat Ears

* Red Nose

* Bowler Hat

* Candy Bag or Bucket

* Wire


Step 1: To start you will need your potato body. Mr. Potato is larger on the bottom and smaller around the eyes. Your costume will need to reflect this. You can use the wire to help you get the proper shape. In fact you will want to construct with wire and bunting the shell of your potato. Then cover it in orange brown fabric to get the pumpkin look.

Step 2: Once the potato shell is complete you can begin the accessorizing. First the vampire teeth will need to be extra large. The teeth for Mr. Potato Head will need to be lower on the body, in fact they need to be below your arms. So create a mouth where you can adhere the extra large vampire teeth.

Step 3: Between your real head and the mouth you will need to place an extra large clown nose. This can come from a red ball that you cut in half. You will be able to use your real eyes for the Mr. Potato Head.

Step 4: It may take you a little while to find the ears, but they should be bat shaped or at least slightly pointed. These can be glued to the outside of your costume in place of your real ears.

Step 5: Now all you need is the black shoes and bowler hat and the white gloves for your arms. You are now Mr. Potato Pumpkin for Halloween.

Do not forget to grab Mrs. Potato Head and your candy collection bucket. You may decide a pumpkin shaped design is best.

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