How to Create Mr. Fox Costume

The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie is set to release at the end of November. The character Mr. Fox and his family are all the creation of Roald Dahl. The book has been a classic for children for years. Mr. Fox and his family are being hunted by farmers who are unhappy with the presence around their farms. We will describe how to make Mr. Fox here, but keep in mind you can also use these steps to create his entire family, just by adding a little and changing the wardrobe a bit.

##Materials Needed:##

* Fox Pattern

* Reddish Brown Plush Fabric

* White Fabric

* White Dress Shirt

* Black dress pants

* Striped tie

* Black fake nose

* Black shoes


Step 1: You have a couple of options for creating Mr. Fox. You can purchase a mascot costume readymade and just add the accessories or you can create it all from scratch. If you go with the second option you will need to shop at places like, and even You should be able to find all your fabric and the pattern you need.

Step 2: Follow the steps on the pattern to get the fox body and face. You will need to create a hood in which a fake black nose will need to be attached. You could also use makeup if you want to use your own face for this part of the costume.

Step 3: Once the fox has been created you can start dressing. The short sleeve white dress shirt should be buttoned all the way up to the collar. Around the neck you will need a brown, tan, and black striped tie. To complete this part of the costume do not forget your pocket memo book.

Step 4: The black dress pants can really be any style you have on hand.

Step 5: Add the shoes, grab a wedding ring, and don’t forget Mrs. Fox on your way out the door.

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