How to Create Moloch the Mystic (Watchmen) Costume

Moloch the Mystic is one of the evil doers of the Watchmen comic. Moloch is going to appear in the new movie of 2009 with live action characters. The movie is much awaited by DC Comic fans. Moloch the Mystic has had many faces over time in the comics. Sometimes his costume is a lot like a magician where as other times he looks like your average individual. We are going to explore how to create a Moloch the Mystic costume for your next costume party.

Materials Needed:


“¬¢Receding Hair

“¬¢Black Suit

“¬¢ Black tie

“¬¢Black dress shoes

“¬¢White dress shirt


Step 1: The most important step is finding the various costume pieces to create the full effect. With Moloch the Mystic you can expect to find most of the materials in your closet already.

Step 2: The suit is the main part of the costume. The suit should be black and can be casual business attire. The tie should match the suits coloring, and of course you need a white dress shirt under the suit coat.

Step 3: The shoes are again going to be your preference and probably what you have on hand.

Step 4: This is where you begin to make the Moloch the Mystic character costume come to life. The first thing you need to do is create a receding hair line with a wig. The wig can be blonde gray hair, just as long as the forehead and partial scalp is showing.

Step 5: Once you have the proper hair you can start aging yourself. For this you will need theatre makeup. You will need a few wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, hands, and forehead. Moloch the Mystic is not a young man.

Step 6: Now that the makeup is in place add some fake glasses and you are ready to head out as Moloch the Mystic. Remember his character seems like a normal guy, but he has mystical powers which can be used for evil against the other Watchmen characters!

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