How to Create Mental Patient Costume

History has shown us that there are individuals who need special attention. These individuals may not be able to perform daily tasks due to severe psychological issues or it could be that they feel they need treatment in a facility rather than outpatient scenario. Whatever, the reasons Hollywood, books, and other media have often created new looks. This year a psychological thriller will be released reinventing the 1950’s and giving us new costume ideas. From Shutter Island comes this idea of a Mental Patient for a costume.


* White Fabric

* Makeup

* Fake Nails

* Fake Hair


Step 1: During the 1950’s those in Insane Asylums were given white clothing to wear. They were also considered individuals that needed help, but largely were unspoken of. For those with a family member in psychological hospitals, it was never spoken of. The conditions in some places were found lax, which is where this costume will begin.

Step 2: You will need either white shirt and white pants or a white dress like clothes. For women the white dresses are most common. For males you would require the pant suit. You can make this from scratch with fabric from or try to find the appropriate clothing from second hand stores. Keep in mind the look must fit within the 1950’s.

Step 3: After you have the main clothing created, you can move on to the accessories. You will want to begin with the makeup. You should pale your complexion, offer deep shadows to your eyes, and perfect the look.

Step 4: To your hair and nails you will need extensions, unless you already have long hair and nails. You may even want a little dirt under your nails. Your hair should be erratically styled, as if it hasn’t been brushed in a while.

Step 5: The last thing you need are some shoes, worn down, hospital in style. Of course you could also go barefoot.

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