How to Create Master Mutaito (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

Dragonball Evolution has some of our favorite Dragonball characters from the hit Japanese Anime/ Manga shown on Cartoon Network. Dragonball is all about the fight of good against evil, and there is no one better in that fight than Master Mutaito. He is the Master of many students such as Goku, and thus one of the more important characters in the series. If you want a place of honor at your next costume party consider our How To on Master Mutaito!

Materials Needed:

Red Karate Pants

White Kimono top

Red Wrist Bands

Blue Belt

Grey Wig



Step 1: Thrift stores are a great place to find costume supplies. If you are not handy with a sewing machine, but still want to say you made your own costume consider going to a thrift store to find the ninja outfit you need.

Step 2: First the top- the kimono style shirt should be sleeveless with a black collar in a V-neck. It should reach about mid thigh on you. Even a sleeveless white tee shirt will work for this.

Step 3: On the shirt you want to paint a Japanese symbol in white with a red circle and black circle surrounding it.

Step 4: The pants should be red, with white cuffs. If you can only find white pants then dye them the right color. They should be knit or ninja style.

Step 5: Once the pants are on take the cloth blue belt and snug it around your waist with a knot leaving the tails hanging down.

Step 6: Any shoes will work, but ninja shoes are better.

Step 7: The red wrist bands can be put in place at any time, as long as you have them!

Step 8: The hair is perhaps the most complicated. You will need a grey wig, and then a glue on mustache in grey. The mustache should be thick and bushy. You should also have bushy grey eyebrows.

Master Mutaito is now complete and ready to take the Dragonball world by storm!

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