How to Create Mary Poppins Costume

Mary Poppins has been around since 1964, when the children’s books where created into a film by Hollywood. Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews starred in the film. It was always a musical about 1910 in which governesses were still used for children. Today a revival of the concept has reached Broadway as a musical bringing back several of the costumes from the highly popular film, which tends to transcend time. There are quite a few looks that Julie Andrews adopts in the film, but there is one very memorable costume when she is singing a Bowl Full of Sugar that you might wish to recreate for your next costume party.


* White Apron

* White Dress Shirt

* Brown or Blue A- Line Skirt

* Black 1910’s Boots

* Red Bow Tie


Step 1: Much of the Mary Poppins costume can be created by things you might have around or can get at a thrift store. If you have to you can purchase the material and make the period clothing from scratch. is one place to find fabric and patterns for the look. However, if you have a skirt, dress shirt, and apron you can help adopt the costume even if it is not quite the right period clothing.

Step 2: The white dress shirt can be found with ease in most shops as long as it is button down with a bit of frill to the sleeves. The skirt is really a simple A- line so that should not worry you either. Over the shirt and skirt you will need to place the apron.

Step 3: The apron should have two should straps with a one inch waist tie.

Step 4: Do not forget to put on the red bow tie around the collar of your dress shirt.

Step 5: The last thing before putting on the boots is getting your hair in the right formation. As a governess you would need the bun or French twist if you are able to make sure your hair is tidy and appropriately coiffed.

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