How to Create Manny (Ice Age 3) Costume

Mammoths are going to be popular this Halloween! Not only do we have Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur coming out in July 2009, but there is also the recent discovery of a fully preserved baby mammoth. Whether you or a child want to have a Manny the Mammoth costume for Halloween we will provide you with the know how to make it. Manny has been a friend to us through two other movies as the voice of reason. Last film Manny found a girlfriend, another mammoth. This would make a wonderful couples costume idea as well.

##Materials Needed:##

* Faux Fur in brown

* Bunting

* Florist wire

* Elephant costume pattern

* Tube Socks


Step 1: The hardest part of the costume will be finding a pattern. Mammoths are generally not popular in costume patterns. You may have to settle for an elephant pattern or create your own. is a good place to start on finding the fabric and pattern you need.

Step 2: We will begin with the tusks. The tusks of Manny need to be fairly long. Due to the size of the tusks the best material to use is extra large or larger tube socks. This will be a more comfortable weight than Paper Mache. You have a couple of options in the shaping of the tusks. You can find a slim funnel which provides a pointier end. Around the funnel you can then stuff bunting. You will also want to use a bit of sturdy florist wire to help you bend the socks appropriately.

Step 3: Once the tusks have been created, you can begin working on the main costume. The best thing to do is create a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit will need to have a thick belly, with a bit of a hump on the back. Do not forget to sew on a tail. For the feet you can create an overlay for the shoes you will wear. You also need to have hoofed hands, thus mittens may be best if you want to have hands.

Step 4: The head of the mammoth needs to be made separately. If you can only find an elephant pattern, keep in mind the ears need to be smaller. The head should be a hood with your eyes as the mammoth eyes. On the top of the hood you will need the hair styled like Manny. From the nose region you can begin the trunk.

Step 5: To create the trunk we will use florist wire and bunting again. This helps you station the trunks curve, yet keeps it from being too heavy.

Step 6: Depending on the hood style you will need to figure out where to place the tusks.

Once the tusks are in place you are ready to go. Manny the Mammoth is completed and ready to party!

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