How to Create Mai (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

Mai is one of the two henchmen for Lord Pilaf’s character. She is a young girl who often gets in the way of Goku. If you want to be slightly evil for your next costume party or just need a really great costume for the release of Dragonball Evolution, Mai just might fit your needs. We have a couple of suggestions for costume choices in how to create your own below.

Materials Needed:

Green Oriental robes

Black Belt

Black Wig

Black Gloves

Black Boots

Green Pants


Step 1: Mai’s costume is more complicated than other Dragonball characters when you are making it on your own. You have two choices: you can find a fabric with the right print or purchase an already made robe. If you want to find fabric consider or Both stores sell fabric and patterns for a number of different needs.

Step 2: The robe that you will make needs to fit over green pants. The green pants can be found at any discount store. They should be exercise pants or leggings.

Step 3: The robe should be long sleeved and at the waist split in the front in two places. This way the material can move around you as you are fighting. (Play fighting of course)!

Step 4: Now is the time to accessorize. A belt should go around the waist cinching the robe closed and to make it a little more form fitting.

Step 5: The last thing you want to arrange is your hair. If you have long black hair you will not need a wig. Otherwise you need hair that is waist length and black. It should be straight hair.

Step 6: All you need to finish the costume is the gloves and boots.

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