How to Create Lord Piccolo (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

Dragonball Evolution is a live action feature length film based on the popular manga and anime. If you are ready to show your loyalty to Dragonball consider for a moment the evil Lord Piccolo. Lord Piccolo is definitely a demon with style, and we will help you create your own interpretation.

Materials Needed:

“¬¢White fabric

“¬¢Pink fabric

“¬¢Green fabric

“¬¢Theatre makeup

“¬¢Purple robe

“¬¢Fake star trek ears


1.Lord Piccolo is green with pink on the arms. To

even begin to create your own costume you will need to come up with the materials stated above. or are two places online that sell fabric which might fit your needs.

2.To start you will need a purple robe. This robe should be short sleeved and have a belt for the waist. A purple dress can also work for this.

3.You will want to attach two sleeves to the purple robe. These sleeves will need to be pink and green, with mostly green. The sleeves should also come with green gloves.

4.Although the green gloves can be made separately.

5.With the white material you should create a wrap or cape. The cape can wrap around the front and then hang down the shoulders. You will need to hem th material. There is not much to do with the cape other than hemming it and then putting it appropriately on your shoulders.

6.Also with white material you will need to make a turban. This can be the last step if you wish. If you have a hard time making the turban use pins to keep it together and then set it aside.

7.Lord Piccolo is a demon with green skin and pointed ears. To the star trek ears you will need to cover them with green makeup or paint. Then set them aside while you do your face.

8.Your face should be completely green even down the exposed portion of your neck.

9. Now you can attach the ears, place the turban on your head and you are ready to go out to a costume party as Lord Piccolo from Dragonball.

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