How to Create Klingon (Star Trek 2009) Costume

Klingons are just one of the different species to be found in the Star Trek series. With the new Star Trek movie coming out in May 2009 it is essential to consider what costume you might want to make for the premier or your next costume party. While Klingons are not the nicest of folks in the shows and movies you may find their costumes fit your needs. We have a couple of suggestions for how to create your own Klingon costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Leather black pants,

* Leather jacket

* Leather gloves

* Knee high black boots

* Black wig

* Face makeup


Step 1: You will need to find a leather jacket you don’t mind adapting to something different. The leather jacket will need shoulder wings attached to resemble armor. For this reason you might also want to pick up some leather material at a place like

Step 2: The black pants, gloves, and even the boots might be found at a thrift store. The pants do not have to be leather unless you want them to be. They are in most of the shows, but knit form fitting pants will work just as well.

Step 3: The boots need to be knee high, and you might want to add a little red to set them apart. Klingon costumes are generally very colorful.

Step 4: The most intricate part to the Klingon costume is the face makeup. You will need to create two raised bumps at your temples to the corners of your eyes. You will also need some raised bumps on the forehead just between the eyes. Pictures can help you get the desired effect.

Step 5: After you have all the pieces of the costume and your face made up you are ready to attach the wig. The wig should be in dreadlocks, with a long beard and moustache to complete it.

Step 6: Klingons have weapons so you might consider getting a belt with some fake weapons to complete the costume.

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