How to Create Kate Connor (Terminator Salvation) Costume

Kate Connor or Kate Brewster as she was first introduced in the third Terminator movie is now John Connors wife. Throughout the movie she is seven months pregnant, trying to help John and the others fight the T-600 and T-800 machines. They are living wherever they can to stay safe and protect others. If you want to have a couple’s costume then John and Kate Connor will work well. You can elect to be from Terminator Salvation or Terminator 3 for the costumes. We have an idea for a how to regarding Terminator Salvation.

Materials Needed:

Pregnancy belly

Black dress

Black boots

Red wig

Futuristic weapons


Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is find a pregnancy belly. They are sold anywhere online, and here at Costumzee to help create your costumes. Your other choice is to have a pillow or basketball that you can use for the costume. Since Kate is 7 months pregnant in the movie, it is essential to the Terminator Salvation costume.

Step 2: The main part of the costume is the black dress. The dress will reach to the knees, and have two thin strips of material that will tie in the back. A dress like this can be found just about anywhere. It should be short sleeved, with a rounded neckline.

Step 3: In the movie the actress has red brown hair. You will want a wig to match this. It should be longer than shoulder length, and can be tied in a ponytail or left loose.

Step 4: The boots will need to be mid calf in height. They should be black and slightly combat in style.

Step 5: Kate is a physician for the team, you can have some doctor’s equipment, as well as a futuristic weapon for protection.

When you have this costume with John Connor you will have the perfect couples costume from Terminator Salvation.

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