How to Create John Dillinger Gangster Costume

Gangsters are making a comeback this year with the release of Public Enemies. The story is based on real life criminal John Dillinger who went on a crime spree throughout the Midwest. For us that means we have a great costume to create in honor of the new movie.

##Materials Needed:##

Blue three piece suit

Trench coat


White dress shirt

Shoulder harness

Tommy Gun

Black Gloves

Dress shoes




Step 1: Most of the clothing you will need can be found in your regular store or even your closet. However, you should go for the 1930’s look which means the suit should be patterned a little differently than suits of today.

Step 2: To begin you need a long sleeve white button down dress shirt. You will want to have the collar buttoned all the way to the top.

Step 3: The tie can be blue and red or anything else you might have. It should be a silk tie and go with the blue suit you will be wearing. The tie of course needs to go under the shirt collar.

Step 4: The dress pants should fit snugly around the waist. In those days pants were definitely not baggy.

Step 5: Once you have the pants, shirt, and tie you can add a belt with a silver belt buckle.

Step 6: Over the shirt and tie should be the blue vest, which is part of your suit. The vest needs to be buttoned all the way, and perhaps you want to add a pocket watch, though this is optional.

Step 7: To finish the suit you will need to put on the blue suit jacket. This jacket should also be buttoned to give yourself the right look.

Step 8: A black overcoat is then needed. The overcoat does not need to be buttoned. Place the hat on your head and you are almost ready.

Step 9: The shoes and gloves can be anything you pick up. Though the shoes should again be akin to the 1930’s.

Step 10: Lastly you just need a fake Tommy Gun, a shoulder harness with two fake guns and you are ready to hit the party as a Gangster!

If you are lucky you could even arrive at the party in style with a 1930’s vehicle.

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