How to Create Hooded Justice (Watchmen) Costume

Hooded Justice is one of the Minutemen from Watchmen. Though the character does not appear for very long in the DC Comic movie coming out in 2009, he is nevertheless an important character. Whether you are hosting a costume party based solely on the comic and the new movie or just need a costume Hooded Justice is a great way to go.

Materials Needed:

Blue Fabric

Red Fabric


Long sleeve shirt- black

Black pants

Black Boots

Black Gloves


Step 1: Shop at or to find the necessary fabric listed above. Both of these shops offer great discounts and materials you need for sewing. You may consider picking up a pattern for a hood and a cape.

Step 2: You will need the long sleeve shirt and black pants as the main part of the costume.

Step 3: The cape needs to be made with the red fabric. The cape should have a high collar to kind of hide the face. It also needs to be high because the rope will actually tie around your neck and secure the cape in place. The cape needs to be ankle length.

Step 4: Before you can put the cape on you need to make a hood out of the blue fabric. The hood will cover your entire head, with only slits for the eyes. The mouth and nose will be completely covered. The hood also needs to be long enough to sit on the shoulders, and thus be held down by the rope and the cape.

Step 5: Now you just need to add the gloves and boots. The boots can be any style. The gloves should be kind of tight on your hands, but they can also be anything.

Hooded Justice is ready to go out and party!

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