How to Create Hiccup Viking Costume

How to Train Your Dragon has got our imaginations flowing when it comes to costume concepts. Already stores have a few of the pre- made costumes for How to Train Your Dragon, but if you one who loves to create your own you are in the right place. Following the steps below it is possible to make your own Hiccup Viking costume. This year you can feel content in knowing that you have a cool concept and something a little different from the rest of the party goers.


* Grey Fabric

* Brown Fabric

* Balloon

* Paper Mache Materials

* Silver Paint

* White Fabric

* Florist Wire


Step 1: or provides you with fabric and other materials you might find necessary for creating your own Hiccup costume. The materials you need are list above so you can search for what you need and then begin.

Step 2: We will begin with the tunic Hiccup wears in the film. It is a sort of green/ gray creation, but for our purposes you can just use gray fabric. You have a couple of options here. You can knit your own sweater or you can use a wool like fabric to make the tunic. A tunic is just a long sweater like design, which means it should go below your waist and have long sleeves. You might go for a V-neck style design or if a rounded neck line is easier that is fine.

Step 3: The brown fabric should appear more like brown leather or hide, but anything you can find and fit in your budget will work out well. From the brown fabric you will create three things. The first will be pants, which should be more like hose or tight fitting workout pants. You want them to work within the Middle Age period the movie is based on.

Step 4: The second thing you need to create with the brown fabric are shoe coverings. You should have cloth like shoes, but in reality you can just have a covering that makes your shoes appear Middle Ages style. It is very simple. You just need to cover the shoe with cloth, cut it out and then sew them to fit over the shoe.

Step 5: The last thing the brown material is for is the harness Hiccup was wearing in the film. This is an optional accessory so you do not have to create leather like straps and use the florist wire to hook them together, but it would be a cool addition if you wish.

Step 6: Now the last thing to make is the Viking helmet. The helmet first needs to be built out of paper mache so taking the balloon blow it up into a round ball. Cover the balloon with the wet paper and let it dry. After the balloon form has dried you can pop the balloon and cut the structure in half. You need a half round shape for the helmet. Spray paint the helmet silver, or a tarnished iron.

Step 7: With florist wire create two horn like shapes. Over these shapes place white fabric cut to fit. Using glue, florist wire, and any other method you can think of attach the horns. You could also try using paper mache for the horns if you wish.

Now you are ready to be Hiccup the Dragon Trainer!!

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