How to Create Hester Prynne Costume

The Lady Adulterous, Hester Prynne, is always a great pick at Thanksgiving when you want a sexy pilgrim at your table. This year we have a great look for you to recreate this character. It is in with the new and out with the old frumpy look for Hester Prynne this year.

Materials Needed:

* Black Fabric

* White Fabric

* Red Fabric

* Sewing Machine

* Pattern


Step 1: Visit a fabric shop like or Both stores carry material and patterns to purchase your red, white, and black fabric and a Puritan dress pattern. You can find everything you need at these two places for the Hester Prynne look.

Step 2: Your pattern is going to tell you to make an ankle length long sleeve dress; however for this modern diva you will need to change that up a bit. Rather than going for the traditional Puritan look with ankles covered you will need to shorten the dress to mid thigh. The rest of the pattern can remain the same for the dress.

Step 3: The white material is going to be used for an apron and hat. The apron will also have to be cut short to the mid thigh in order to go over the dress appropriately.

Step 4: The hat will remain unchanged from the pattern. You should create the hat so that it covers your entire hair and the ears.

Step 5: The last item you need for the costume will be the Scarlet Letter. You have two options. You can buy a readymade letter or you can create one out of the red fabric. If you create your own you can give it that old word look by using the writing style of the past.

Before you are ready to go out on the town for Thanksgiving you will want black boots or shoes to complete the look and don’t forget a Pilgrim to take Hester out!

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