How to Create Hannah Montana Costume

Hannah Montana has certainly won the younger generations over. The concept of Hannah Montana as a singer going through high school has certainly entertained many. The fact that Miley Cyrus is behind the character only adds to the highlights. Hannah Montana has a movie coming out on May 1st 2009, as a full length feature film in theatres. Your daughter is certain to need a Hannah Montana costume for the event.

##Materials Needed:##

* White jeans

* Pink shirt

* White studded belt

* White leather jacket

* Blonde wig

* Microphone

* White boots


Hannah Montana certainly has a nose for dressing with fashion. The teen idol provides us with many costumes.

Step 1: We’re going for a look at that any child can wear, and still appear proper. Hannah Montana can have some revealing clothing, but sometimes a more moderate look is appropriate.

Step 2: The white jeans and jacket need to match in color. The jeans will be covered by the pink shirt.

Step 3: The pink shirt needs to be mid thigh in length, and form fitting. Over the shirt the white studded belt needs to be in place. In fact the belt should sit a little below the hips to accentuate the proper look.

Step 4: Once the shirt and pants are in place you can add the jacket. The jacket should be shorter than the shirt. It will need to end at the waist, and have long sleeves. The jacket can be left unzipped.

Step 5: Grab some short heeled white boots, and you are almost ready to be Hannah Montana.

Step 6: To finish the costume a blonde wig, with hair to mid back is needed. The hair should be straight, with bangs.

A microphone, a little Hannah Montana music and you are definitely ready to go rock in the new movie.

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