How to Create Grandpa Gohan (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

You have heard right- if you’ve heard there is a live action Dragonball movie on the way. Dragonball Evolution is going to have some great actors and actresses to show up on the screen as your favorite characters. Grandpa Gohan is just one of the many Dragonball characters from the hit anime that will be appearing in the film. If you are in need of a costume to show your respect of this character we have some suggestions for you.

Materials Needed:

Tan pants

Grey Shirt

Green Vest

White Wig


Boots or Shoes


Step 1: Grandpa Gohan’s clothing can all be found at a thrift store. You don’t even need to get out your sewing kit.

Step 2: After locating the clothing you will use for the costume consider how you might make it more Dragonball oriented.

Step 3: The pants should be loose fitting.

Step 4: The grey shirt should be long sleeved, and a little loose.

Step 5: The vest will need to be a little below the waist for length. You also need to keep it buttoned so that it will not get in the way for fighting demonstrations.

Step 6: The shoes can be just about anything such as dress shoes or boots. You will want something that is comfortable to walk in, so even your favorite shoes will work.

Step 7: The staff can be a regular stick you find in your back yard or something you have from anime. The staff should be rather long, painted in red, and your main weapon.

Step 8: If you are not an older person a white wig and some wrinkles should be added to the costume.

After all pieces have been gathered and you are dressed, you can add a little picture of the animated Gohan or just go as you are.

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