How to Create Dinosaur Cage Costume

A blog post a few months ago showed one of the more inventive costumes I’ve come across. Unfortunately the costume is very hard to find pre- made. Most companies will sell cages and dinosaur costumes, but they will not have the full set up. To help anyone searching for the costume make their own we decide to share our how to idea with you.

##Materials Needed:##

Dinosaur costume









Step 1: The first thing you will want to do is purchase a dinosaur costume. There are plenty of costumes to choose from. You have purple dinosaurs, green, orange, and pretty much any color you could want. The costumes will vary in sizes make it easy for you to pick the right one. For our Dino in a Cage a T-Rex style costume will work best.

Step 2: The idea of the costume is to have a man inside a cage that the dinosaur is carrying. So your legs will be in the dinosaur, but your upper body will be in the cage. You will need to use the scissors, bunting and elastic to stick the cage onto the dinosaur. You will also need to make a hole for yourself so you can be in the cage, with the dino body behind you. The bunting will help keep the upper body of the dinosaur upright.

Step 3: Your arms will be inside the cage. By wrapping them around the front you can hold the cage up, but the elastic on your shoulders will also help.

Step 4: The cage you purchase needs to be just long enough to come to your knees inside the dinosaur costume. It should also be no taller than the neck of the dinosaur you have chosen.

Step 5: The last thing to do to complete the costume is make fake legs. Grab a pair of pants and stuff them with bunting or straw. Use socks and shoes to make feet. You will then put the pants and legs folded up in front of your chest.

Now you have a Dinosaur with a Human in the Cage costume, that you didn’t have to make completely from scratch!

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