How to Create Christmas Eeyore Costume

Eeyore is known for his depressive qualities. He tends to feel depressed most days because of his lost tail, or falling down house, or in the case of Christmas a lack of holiday spirit. This year if you want to bring a little cheer to Eeyore bring him to your costume party for Christmas. You will be a hit, as well as a cute purple donkey!

##Materials Needed:##

* Blue Fabric

* Light Purple Fabric

* Blue Fake Fur

* Green Scarf

* Bells

* Purple Bow

* Pattern


Step 1: The best place to begin for Eeyore is buying the donkey pattern and fabric. or are two places you may have some success in finding what you need online.

Step 2: Eeyore is two toned donkey meaning he has a soft purple underbelly and blue around the rest of him. The jumpsuit you design should have purple for the front half of the costume, and blue on the back. It needs to cover the feet and hands as well.

Step 3: After the main jumpsuit has been created you can work on the rest of Eeyore. You will need a blue tail that is fastened on with a purple button or Velcro. At the end of the tail should be a tufted of fake fur and the purple bow.

Step 4: Next is the head. You have a couple of options. You can fashion a blue hood with donkey ears that are purple on the inside. Your second option is a full hood with a donkey like face, and eye cut outs so you can see. This second option is a bit more in depth and will require some bunting to get the nose and muzzle structure. At the top of the hood or full face you will need the other tuft of fake fur.

Step 5: Now you have a regular Eeyore that needs to be spruced up for Christmas. You can go with a scarf options in which you wrap it around your neck. It can be green, red, or any other color, whatever you have on hand.

Step 6: If you do not like the scarf idea consider Jingle Bells that can be used as a collar. It would need to be a red leather collar with gold bells hanging from it.

Eeyore can also be one of Santa’s Reindeer where you use the collar of bells and place a headband of brown antlers on top of your Eeyore head.

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