How to Create Chi Chi (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

Dragonball is one of the most popular anime/ manga series to come out of Japan. For fans who love the series the live action film may just be the thing to go see this year. Dragonball Evolution has many of the more famous Dragonball characters including Chi Chi. As a female warrior she will definitely be a great costume source to welcome in the new movie.

Materials Needed:

White Blouse

Black Pants

Black Mid Calf Boots

Brunette Wig


Step1: Visit your local thrift store. Chances are if you don’t already have the materials you need in your closet you can find them at a thrift or discount store. The costume is fairly average from the movie.

Step 2: The blouse you want is a short sleeve white with a V-neck collar, which dips low. The blouse should then flow from mid body down to the mid thigh. A sheer material for the blouse is your best choice.

Step 3: The black pants will need to be knit leggings. Something comfortable and form fitting.

Step 4: The boots, if you can find them should be worn looking. They do not have to have heels on them, but reach to mid calf. A pair of cowboy boots may fit the what you are looking for.

Step 5: The last item you need is a wig. The wig should be brunette with slight curls. You should be able to manipulate it to an off the forehead look. In other words a barrette in the back will help get the right hair style. The hair should be longer than the shoulders.

After grabbing the material and dressing for the evening you are ready to go out as Chi Chi and tell others how you feel about Dragonball by your costume choice!

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