How to Create Bog Body Costume

Legend of the Bog is coming out in theatres on June 9th, 2009. While it may not have an all star cast this is one film that will supply us with a new horror costume for 2009. Halloween and costume parties cannot be complete without at least one zombie! Allow us to give you the Bog Body- an undead creature that has been disturbed and is dying to kill you.

##Materials Needed##

*dark brown leather or fabric

*skull cap

*ratty 19th century clothing

*brown leather shoes

*brown leather gloves


Our “_ìDebogged”¬ù killer is going to resemble a mummy, thus you will need to find the materials listed above to help you obtain that leathery look you desire.,, and many other online fabric companies should have the supplies you need.

Step 1: To begin you will need to form a body suit of brown leather. It should be a bit wrinkly, a little stiff, and if at all possible a foul odor should exist.

Step 2: Over your leathery suit, you will need to dress appropriately. Our undead killer is 2000 years old, and a murder victim. This sets the clothing period in the 19th century, thus ratty clothing made of cotton, a few tears, a little blood, and you will have the right look.

Step 3: As an optional step you may enlist some theatre makeup to gray your skin around the face, neck and arms. With this makeup you could also create a gouge or other injury to show the murder you underwent.

Step 4: The skull cap will hide your hair, and is another optional piece. You do not have to have a bald head, but it helps add a little scariness to the costume.

Step 5: By adding leather shoes and leather gloves for the hands your Bog Body will be complete. Walk with a zombie like step, a bit of a shuffle, and you can scare anyone who passes.

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